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What are QUBO models?

In recent years, we have discovered that a mathematical formulation known as QUBO, an acronym for a Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization problem, can embrace a large variety of important combinatorial problems found in industry and government.

Why are QUBO models important?

The field of Combinatorial Optimization is one of the most important areas in the general field of optimization, with important applications found in every industry, including both the private and public sectors.  Generally these problems are concerned with making wise choices in settings where there is a large number of yes/no decisions to be made and where each set of decisions yields a corresponding objective function value like a cost or profit value. Finding good solutions in these settings is extremely difficult. The traditional approach is for the analyst to develop a solution algorithm that is tailored to the particular mathematical structure of the problem at hand. While this approach has produced good results in certain problem settings, it has the disadvantage that the diversity of applications arising in practice requires the creation of a diversity of solution techniques, each with limited application outside their original intended use. Through special reformulation techniques that are easy to apply, the power of QUBO solvers can be used to efficiently solve many important problems once they are put into the QUBO framework.

Alpha-QUBO and quantum computing

Quantum computing has made significant advances recently and is well suited for solving QUBO problems.  Since Quantum computers store data as qubits which can be zero or 1 at the same time, the solution space represented by the QUBO model can be searched quickly.  Alpha-QUBO builds on the success of quantum QUBO solvers by working towards integrating classical and quantum techniques and represents a chief thrust of Quantum Bridge Analytics.

Major Applications in Business, Science and Government

Alpha-QUBO has an extensive number of applications including : financial modeling, scheduling, computer aided design and others.