Alpha-QUBO history

Foundations, Design and Implementation

Fred Glover, University of Colorado, Boulder, January 2018
Gary Kochenberger, University of Colorado, Denver, January 2018
Andy Badgett, Meta-Analytics, Inc., January 2018
Rajesh Chawla, Meta-Analytics, Inc., November 2018

Information Exchanges

Cesar Rego, University of Mississippi, February 2018
Jin-Kao Hao, University of Angers, February 2018
Zhipeng Lu, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, February 2018
Yang Wang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, February 2018

Development started March 2018

Alpha-QUBO 1.0 - May 2018 (initial experimental version; language C)

Alpha-QUBO 1.1 – July 2018 (First Web Inteface; additional languages and tools C, C++, C#, core)

Alpha-QUBO 1.2 - October 2018 (Improvements based on user feedback)

Initial Users and feedback

Gary Kochenberger, UC Denver, July 2018
Mark Lewis, Missouri Western State University, August 2018
Scott Pakin, LANL, October 2018

Alpha-QUBO 1.2 Current Features:

Features in progress